Who doesn't like Gelatinous Cube?

Who doesn't like Gelatinous Cube?

A couple of months ago, a particularly humorous idea came to me when thinking about creating a class specific journal for DnD 5e characters. It's kind of dark, kind of cute, and 100% needed to be done according to my players.

I'm now happy to announce that the Rogue and Bard "Death by Cubey" character journals have been completed and can be purchased in my book shop! 

Also, I started learning game development! There are so many ideas in my head and I absolutely want to bring the world that I have been brewing since I was a kid to life for people to play around in!

There are some old programming topics I need to review and some completely new to learn, but one thing for sure is that when I do make a game, it will have cute and deadly monsters just like Cubey here :3

For now, you'll have to be satisfied with him happily "playing" DnD along with your character in your campaign.

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