The Potion Shop is Now Open!

The Potion Shop is Now Open!

You can now custom order an amigurumi potion bottle to hold your dice and other trinkets, so you won't be unprepared for your next adventure!

Each bottle is around 5" high and 3" wide, and they all come with a cork and gemstone on a crochet chain. They will be made to order so it will take around 1-2 weeks from me gathering the ingredients to crafting to finally sending it via the Underdark Supreme Postal Serpents

I had to tidy up the website's code and deal with some bugs regarding custom textboxes so you guys can actually tell me what kind of potions you're looking for. All this with no knowledge of the sigils of HTML/ Liquid and JSON to be honest, but I didn't quite like the thought of paying tooth and nail to use the apps that the other wizards already made (especially when it doesn't 100% do what I want), so I figure it was never too late to learn more magic ✨

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